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At e-Editor, we offer a marketplace of skilled editors and proofreaders that are in our company partner network. Our editors are vetted to ensure that they have the proper training and undergo a quality review and background check prior to joining our team. To guarantee client confidentiality, our editors sign non-disclosure agreements and are trained in privacy and security guidelines.

We offer transcription too! See our pricing page for details.

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Small Business Marketplace

Coming Soon! e-Editor will offer a Small Business Partner Marketplace! Search for pricing by state and socioeconomic categories: GSA Schedule, Small Business, HubZone Certified, Woman-Owned Small Business, 8(a)-Certified Small Business, Veteran-Owned Small Business, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.

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Facilitates secure e-commerce transactions for the remediation of Section 508 compliant documents. Customers can choose their accessibility standards, obtain real-time pricing, reference agency BPAs/contract vehicles and track their order status in real time.

Facilitates secure e-commerce transactions for the translation of a variety of documents. Users can obtain real-time pricing, reference agency BPAs/contract vehicles and track their order status in real time. e-Translators allows for instant pricing, tracking of documents for your translation needs.

iAccessible assesses higher accessibility barriers through automation, automates manual testing sampling, scans for document barriers, integrates with Google Analytics, and supports usability, SEO, and CX goals.