Partner-How it Works Video Transcript

e-Editor Partner - How it Works Video Transcript

1. Getting started as an e-Editor partner. How it works
2. Partner application page: To join our partner marketplace, complete and submit a partner
application form
3. Atlassian JIRA invitation to join: Once your application has been reviewed, you will
receive an invitation to join us on JIRA
4. Atlassian JIRA login page: After signing up with JIRA, you will be able to view and
track all documents that are assigned to you and your team
5. JIRA project issues page: View the documents in your queue on the JIRA projects page
6. JIRA document review page: View the details of each document assigned to you and
move them to the next stage. If you have any questions or issues with an assignment, you
can return the document to the client for clarification.
7. e-Editor logo. Editing made simple: Join our marketplace of small business vendors.
Become a partner today.